MIDBANK Celebrates the Inauguration of the Maadi Branch

MIDBANK Celebrates the Inauguration of the Maadi Branch

12 October 2023

Aiming to Reach All Current and New Customers in All Regions

MIDBANK Celebrates the Inauguration of the Maadi Branch after Developing and Providing It with Cutting-edge Banking Systems

Cairo, October 12, 2023: MIDBANK announced the inauguration of the Maadi branch after renewing and developing it, and that is within the framework of the bank’s expansion plan to be in line with the strategy of the bank that has been launched under the slogan "Empowering Your Future”, which aims to achieve inclusive development and growth that also targets increasing the customer base and the number of branches, and activating for restructuring, development, and digitization the bank’s strategy, in which it has been provided with the most advanced banking systems that facilitate the process for the customer to use it easily.

In addition to expanding the spectrum of the banking services that are provided by MIDBANK to reach all current and new customers in all regions and easing the process of allowing people with special needs to get the banking services and products that the bank provides, to cope with the strategies of the Central Bank of Egypt in developing the banking sector according to cutting-edge technologies and global banking regulations.

Mr. Ahmed Medhat, Network and Distribution Director, expressed his happiness regarding the re-inauguration of Maadi branch, confirming that the bank seeks to expand the customer base through renewing and inaugurating MIDBANK branches in various governorates, and this is within the framework of the new strategy of MIDBANK that pays great attention to achieve the digital transformation and promotes the financial inclusion methods through providing diverse banking services catering to the needs of the customers of different social segments; in line with the 2030 Vision in Egypt, aiming to cope with the most cutting-edge technologies and banking practices, in which he clarified that the bank had qualified and trained banking cadres  excellent at dealing with the sign language and understanding the terms and conditions related to its banking services and products with the aim of easing providing these services to people with special needs.

It's worth mentioning that MIDBANK has inaugurated a branch in Port Said after renewing and developing it to promote the notion of sustainability and facilitate the process for people with special needs to get the banking services and products that are provided by the bank through the preparations of the branch. Furthermore, the Port Said branch has been provided with a ramp to ease the process of getting banking services for people with special needs, as well as speak screens translated into sign language to showcase the terms and conditions of the banking products and services and introduce people with special needs to the banking services provided by the bank.