Senior Product Manager – Assets - Retail Banking

Main role

  • Drive MIDBANK retail Assets Products business through effective operations and product development
  • Create/enhance retail assets products
  • Full P&L management of assets portfolio to ensure healthy spread performance against targets and fully controlled credit risks based on preset sourcing caps and acquisition from desirable segments
  • Manage Assets Product performance of all channels against set targets to secure aligned sourcing mix at controlled acquisition costs in line with the preset cost to ENR targets
  • Develop counterstrategies to control portfolio attritions.
  • Sustain and develop cross-sell policies to enhance portfolio stickiness and organically grow existing accounts. Control portfolio rundowns
  • Manage key aspects of the income statements such as revenues, expenses, losses, and provisions, etc., and report results with recommendations about performance and resolution activity if and when required
  • Apply effective Fee and Interest pricing strategies in alignment with product and segment strategies for both assets and insurance coverage
  • Liaise with credit risk and operations, to ensure that there is a broad understanding of the product processing requirements and meeting business set targets
  • Prepare manual procedure for each product with process sector and all stakeholders

Job requirements

  • Bachelor degree of Commerce, Business Administration, Economics & Finance
  • Very Good Knowledge of Asset businesses including Product, Pricing, Risk, and P&L management
  • Retail banking background with knowledge of different customer segments, and customer behaviors
  • Significant knowledge of Retail bank operations and processes & controls

Interested candidates can send their updated resumes on recruitment@midbank.com.eg , and please mention the Job title and Job code in the subject of the e-mail.