Non Interest Current Account


enjoy the convenience and flexibility to meet all your basic banking needs and save yourself the hassle of carrying cash around With MIDBANK Current Account, offered in Egyptian Pound and the major foreign currencies, you can freely deposit and withdraw funds at any time and access all banking transactions.



  • Available for individual and corporate 

  • Available for Egyptian Pound and major foreign currencies

  • Minimum amount to open the account EGP 5000 and Equivalent of  USD 500 



  • Cash Deposit or withdrawal any time through our branches without any fees and  commission. 

  • Full access to your EGP Current Account through cheque books and Debit Cards.

  • Allow cheque books.

  • Available for joint account

  • Available for payment of obligations, invoices and money transfers

  • Account statements are sent monthly, quarterly according to your preference

  • Allow standing order

fees and charges


Banking service

Amount in EGP

Account opening fee

EGP 50 for individual EGP 100 for companies  excluding the fees for inquiring about NID and stamps

Accounts admin fee

EGP 30 quarterly  

Bank statement (monthly – quarterly)

EGP (10 – 25) For individual  
 EGP (15 – 40) For companies

Closing accounts fee

EGP 50 


Terms and conditions apply


For more information, please call 19189 or visit nearest branch